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Bren "Bren41882" Congradualtions and all the happiness in the world. *hugs and love to you both*

angie "autumnskyeangie" congrats you guys! i hope you marriage is made of total heaven! enjoy each other for a lifetime! *many hugs*

DoraLea (tastefultragedy) congratz! and warm luv and wishes to you both!!!

Steves_Minty Congratulations, Kiwi and Raijha! Long time comming and well worth the wait! <3 Enjoy the begining of the rest ofyour lives!

Buggy Congrats :) I hope you 2 have a lifetime of treasured memories together :)

Teh Purpley Pirate Congrats, Kiwi! <3 Can I steal your bunnies? :D They'll love hanging out with miiine!

BabyLicketySplit_Freak Good luck ! :D

Elin (Leikin) Aww, what a sweet proposal! :) Big Congrats to you both! :D

Little Jenn Yea for Jenn finally have a date!!! Miss you sooooooo much I will have to come bug you at Mohawk sometime if you are still there!!! Best Wishes

SDS Blessings on your marriage!

DF Love and hugs to you both!

Laura (Loa) Oh my goodness this is so close now! Congrats you two!

Julie (Bridgets Mum) You guys! I can't believe it's so close! How exciting! :) So happy for you two!

Amber (MLPlyte) I hope everything is just as lovely as you could hope, and that you two have all the happiness in the world. :)

Chelsie (HandsomeAwkward) Good luck and all the best for your future together! (:

Sarah (Bluepegasus) Good luck, best wishes for your future together!

Sylvia Stanshall Good Luck Jen as you start your new life together

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