CVT Program - Preliminary GPA Calculator

Code Course Grade Earned Passing Grade Credit Value GPA
Semester 1
COMM LL041 Communications 50
HSCI 10062 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 60
HSCI 10063 Introduction to Cardiovascular Technology 60
HSCI 10064 ECG Theory and Applications R
INFO 10050 Informatics for Cardiovascular Technology 50
MATH 10028 Introduction to Statistics 50
SSCI SS299 Society, Technology & Social Issues 50
Semester 2
HSCI 10070 Holter Monitoring I R
HSCI 10072 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 60
HSCI 10105 ECG Interpretation 60
HSCI CVT18 Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology 60
HSCI CVT29 Cardiovascular Pharmacology 60
HSCI CVT36 Exercise Testing R
Semester 3
CLIN 10055 Clinical Practice 1 R
COMM 10034 Active Citizenship 50
Semester 4
HSCI 10065 Cardiac Devices I 60
HSCI 10066 Electrophysiology 60
HSCI 10067 Cardiovascular Diagnostic Techniques 60
HSCI 10068 Cardiac Rehabilitation Science 60
HSCI 10069 Introduction To Pediatric Cardiology 60
HSCI 10080 Holter Monitoring 2 R
OPEL XXXXX Student To Choose One General Education Selection 50
Semester 5
CLIN 10031 Clinical Practice 2 R
HSCI 10071 Applied Patient Care 60
HSCI 10073 Cardiovascular Interventional Techniques 60
HSCI 10075 Cardiac Devices II 60
HSCI 10144 ECG Interpretation - Advanced 60
MLSC ML123 Basic Blood Collection 50

What is a Weighted GPA and how is it calculated?
A Weighted GPA is calculated according to the following formula:
Sum of Percentage Grades multiplied by the Credit Value divided by the sum of the Credits for the courses taken as defined by the Program of Studies
e.g. 82 x 3 = 246; 65 x 4 = 260; 73 x 2 = 146; 94 x 3 = 282
A total of 934 divided by 12 credits = 77% Weighted GPA.

Courses not assigned a numeric grade (i.e. E, CR, AU, etc.) are not considered in the calculation of the Weighted GPA.

Deanís Honours: Deanís Honours will be awarded at the end of each semester by the Associate Dean of each School to students in fullĖtime status according to Ministry guidelines who have received a Weighted GPA greater than or equal to 85% (A-), with no failed grades.

Honours Graduate: This distinction is conferred on graduates who achieve a Weighted GPA greater than or equal to 85% (A-) on completion of a specified Program of Studies with no failed grades within the time frame established by the School with academic responsibility for the program.

Please Note: GPA calculations on this page are only preliminary and are not official college grades.